Why You're Going to Love Murphy Clergy Shirts


Anatomy of Murphy ShirtA couple weeks ago we had priest who desperately needed a clergy shirt. We understand that different priests have different preferences so we carry a variety of brands, styles, and colors. But this priest was looking for something in particular. He's tried all the brands but only Murphy clergy shirts give him the quality he needs at the price he's come to expect.

What Makes Murphy Clergy Shirts the Best?

When you receive a new Murphy clerical shirt the first thing you're going to notice is the packaging. Each one comes in a resealable bag with the brand proudly printed on the front. Through the plastic you can see the crisp lines of the shirt and the little “thank you” note from Murphy Cap & Gown Company. It's obvious that this line of clothing is manufactured by a company that doesn't let its 100 years in the business prevent it from producing fresh, modern products. But you're going to throw the packaging away, right?  What does it matter how it's done?

Inside the Package (Click on Image to Enlarge)

The details that go into the packaging are indicative of the attention put into the shirt itself. Anyone who's bought a dress shirt expects it to come pinned around a cardboard backing with a strip of plastic supporting the inside collar. These accessories will quickly be forgotten because as you remove the fasteners from the shirt you're going to notice the quality of the fabric. Some clergy shirts have an almost “crispy” feel to them. The thought of stiff fabric and a plastic collar rubbing against your neck all day would make most people very uncomfortable. For many, the alternative is to purchase a clergy shirt made from a natural fiber like 100% cotton. Sure, it's soft, but who wants to iron it every time its washed?

Murphy shirts have found the sweet spot between wearability and usability. Its 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend insures that you remain comfortable and wrinkle-free all day.

The Tailoring

Comfort is good but what about the production quality? Start looking at the details inside this shirt and you will be amazed. No loose threads. Inside the pockets, the hem, under the sleeves – no loose threads. You could probably wear this shirt inside-out if you had to. Every seam is folded under so that the shirt won't fall apart or make you look like you're falling apart. Even around the collar the seams are nicely pressed and crisp looking. Open the front flap and you'll see that each of the seven buttons is securely fastened – again, no loose threads on the seams.


You can't beat the quality of the Murphy Clergy Shirt and you can't beat the price either. At $31.95, the short sleeve tabbed clergy shirt is about $5-10 cheaper than most other brands. Because of the extraordinary value, we're stocking large quantities of these shirts in all the sizes, from 15in. up to 21in.

You might be thinking that all this must come with a cost somewhere. These shirts must be made in China or something. Like every other item we carry, the Murphy Clergy Shirts conform to our No China Policy. You can purchase your clerical shirt with a clean conscience.

Purchase in confidence and get your order quickly. Yours is in-stock and ready to ship.

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