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The Ignatius Study Bible series is more than merely a collection of Catholic Bible study guides. Each paperback book is truly a wealth of information. Scripture, combined with commentary, notes and study questions, make these books a valuable resource for any Catholic looking to learn more about the word of God, and the faith of the Church. Each book is an all-in-one tool for not only reading Scripture but really delving in to it as well. Get your own Ignatius Catholic Study Bible.

Updated 6/20/2010: For all of us who have been waiting for a convenient way to carry around Scott Hahn's Ignatius study Bible,  the one-volume Ignatius study Bibles are in! You can now get the entire New Testament ($130 if you bought the individual volumes) for as little as $24.95! That's right, Ignatius is basically giving away this indispensable guide to the Bible. The paperback Ignatius New Testament Study Bible can be yours for $24.95. The hardback edition is only $34.95, and the deluxe leather-bound Ignatius New Testament Study Bible is only $44.95.


Features of the Ignatius Study Bible


  • Scripture, RSV Translation – As mentioned, the Ignatius Study Bible is not simply a guide or booklet of questions. As the title suggests, these are study Bibles, not merely Bible study aids. Currently only available in the New Testament, each Ignatius Catholic Study Bible book covers one book of the Bible, in the case of the Gospels, or a collection of 2 or 3 related letters. The entire content of the Scripture of that book or set of letters is included, placed right along side valuable notes and essays. The translation is the highly lauded Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition. The RSV Catholic Bible is highly regarded due its clarity and literal formative translation.

  • Introduction and Study Questions – To help each reader really get the most from his or her Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, the thorough introduction does not rest at merely giving an overview of the book. It begins with some key points relating to Biblical studies; namely, Biblical inerrancy, Authority, the senses of Scripture, and criteria for interpretation. It also explains how to use and understand this particular Bible, including an overview on what sort of information is contained in the book and how to understand the bullets/symbols used and the cross referencing sections and so forth. Additionally, there is a thorough section of study questions in the back of the book, designed with the intent to help the reader think about and understand the Scripture, and to apply it to his or her modern life. There is also a section of a few blank pages for jotting down notes as one engages in studying the Bible.

  • Topical Essays and Commentary – Through the book, pertinent commentary and related topical essays are included, right alongside the Sacred Scriptures. The exact length of commentary sections, of course, varies with the subject matter being presented in the Biblical text. However, the typical layout of a page in the book is that the top of each page – roughly half the page – contains the Scripture; the bottom half of the page contains the explanatory notes and commentaries on the above Scriptures. In addition, each book is peppered with insightful topical essays, related to information contained in the Scripture. For example, The Gospel of Luke book in the Ignatius Study Bible product line includes a concise but informative essay on the census described in Luke’s Gospel, an event often seen as a source of confusion to many readers. Other informative study tools include the cross referencing lists, which help the reader discover where else in Scripture they will find related passages, and charts to provide at-a-glance overviews, such as a chart of the parables of Jesus and where to locate them in Scripture.

  • Word Study – The word study sections interspersed throughout each book are typically brief, but incredibly informative. One barrier to many of today’s Catholics delving into Scripture is misunderstanding the use of certain words. Typically one may automatically read the word in its modern sense; however, some words were used to different or fuller effects in the days of the Apostles. Using the Gospel of Luke as example again, the verse at 9:31 which in part reads “who appeared in glory and spoke of his departure.” The Greek word for departure, exodus, is more profound than our current use of departure as simply meaning “the act of leaving, or the act of starting out on a trip” (as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary).

Alright, so you've read this far and can now see that this single volume is one of the best Bible commentaries around. So what are you waiting for? The paperback Ignatius New Testament Study Bible can be yours for $21.95. The hardback edition is only $34.95, and the deluxe leather-bound Ignatius New Testament Study Bible is only $44.95.

About the Authors

The introduction, commentary, and notes are written by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. Scott Hahn, once an anti-Catholic minister in a Presbyterian church, is a well-known Catholic convert and apologist. He is the author of such books as The Lamb's Supper and Hail, Holy Queen. Many of his talks and lectures on theology and apologetics are also available on CD or DVD and he has collaborated with many other apologists and theologians on the Ignatius Study Bible series and many other projects. To view our Scott Hahn books and other resources, go here. Curtis Mitch is Research Fellow and Trustee of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, and holds an advanced degree in Theology and Christian Ministry. Aside from his work on the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible project, Mitch has contributed essays to the Catholic for a Reason series and has been a guest lecturer at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, the Institute of Applied Biblical Studies, and the Institute for Evangelization.

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