The Essential Catholic Survival Guide


The Essential Catholic Survival Guide – A Great Source of Catholic Apologetics

The title of this book says it all – The Essential Catholic Survival Guide. In modern society where the Catholic Faith is constantly being questioned or misinterpreted, whether intentionally or not, even many Catholics are unsure of how to refute attacks and accusations about what we believe. The Essential Catholic Survival Guide combines answers to all the toughest questions about the Faith in one handy, easy-to-read volume.


  • A Range of Popular Topics: The bulk of this book is, of course, focused on presenting arguments against the Faith, and explaining the Catholic Faith’s rebuttal to these misconceptions and accusations. As this guide is designed to be an “essential” text, all of the most-questioned topics are covered. Included are sections on the papacy, the Eucharist, homosexuality, saint veneration, Marian doctrines, understanding non-Catholic groups (such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, etc), and much more.

  • List of Recommended Catholic Apologetics Resources: Though the guide is very informative and detailed, it is but one text covering a wide range of subjects. Therefore, the authors of the book seek also to direct the reader to other works of Catholic Apologetics, so that he or she may gain even more insight on these topics. This section of the book, entitled The Apologist’s Bookshelf, is neatly organized into topical sections - books on the sacraments, moral issues, science, and so forth. This enables the reader to seek out a more in-depth knowledge on a specific subject within the wider realm of Catholic apologetics.

  • Common Catholic Prayers: At the back section of the book, a handy guide to some favorite, fundamental Catholic prayers is included. Some included prayers are the Hail Mary, Apostles Creed, and the Angelus.

Format of the Guide

The format of this book makes it incredibly easy to use. It is organized by topic and the table of contents provides a very thorough outline of the questions posed and answered within the book. Each subject within the book is then broken down further, concisely explained and organized to make crucial points apparent. For example, common arguments made by non-Catholics against Catholic practice and teaching, such as infant baptism or the papacy, are thoroughly explained so that the reader understands where and why inaccurate assumptions about the Faith have been made. The book then refutes the claims, point by point, pointing to historic reference, tradition, and biblical references to help the reader understand why the claim is false.

The style of writing is very detailed and informative, yet not overly scholarly, making it easily accessible to all adults. The book is very readable, and can be read straight through by one wanting to learn or re-learn why the Catholic Church believes and teaches as she does. However, the topic-by-topic format makes it an ideal reference book; one can easily flip to any subject he or she is particularly curious about and read up not just on what the Church teaches, but why the Church maintains a specific teaching.

Uses for the Essential Catholic Survival Guide

This informational book has many great uses. It would be a wonderful addition to any Catholic home library; it can be used as a regular teaching tool in the home when teaching children about the Faith, or as a reference when particular questions arise. It would also make a great addition to a parish library, where parishioners could browse and also use the book as a reference.

The Essential Catholic Survival Guide can also be used as a study tool for adults who are recent converts or feel that their catechesis in the past was incomplete and would like to study more about their Faith. In this manner, it can be read, studied, and discussed in a group setting, focusing on one topic at a time, or it can be studied and reflected upon by an individual person. Along the same vein, the guide could be used to enhance RCIA programs as it provides a good, concise explanation of many questions posed by those who do not fully understand the Catholic Faith.

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