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The Church and the New Media - Blogging Converts, Internet Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet

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The Church finds herself in the midst of a technological revolution, the biggest communication shift since the advent of the printing press.

The printing press created an information explosion, allowing people to absorb tremendous amounts of knowledge. But this modern, digital revolution brings a new type of communication. It pairs content with dialogue, discussion, and relationship, moving beyond a one-way flow of information.

New tools have burst onto the scene to provide this dual-offering of knowledge and community. Nicknamed “New Media”, these tools include social media, blogs, podcasts, video-casts, mobile media, and interactive websites.

Finding herself in a world that has dramatically embraced these tools, the Church is at a crossroad. If her missions of evangelization, formation, community-building, and social-justice are to continue in future generations, she must harness these tools and utilize them now. Thankfully, many Catholics are doing just that.

The Church and New Media brings together innovators, visionaries, and experts on the relationship between faith and technology, packaging their wisdom into the definitive book on New Media and the Church. It shows not only how the Church can exist in the digital age, but how she can effectively proclaim the Gospel today.

In addition to profiling many New Media innovators and relevant Church teachings, the book features chapters by the following New Media experts:

Cardinal Seán O’Malley

Introduction / The Digital Continent
Brandon Vogt

Part One / Put Out Into the Deep: New Media & Evangelization

Chapter One / The Virtual Areopagus: Digital Dialogue with the Unchurched
Fr. Robert Barron
Chapter Two / Into the Light: Sharing the Spiritual Journey
Jennifer Fulwiler
Chapter Three / Speaking Their Language: Connecting with Young Adults
Marcel LeJeune

Part Two / That the World May Know: New Media & Formation

Chapter Four / Modern Epistles: Blogging the Faith
Mark Shea
Chapter Five / New Wineskins: Fresh Presentations of Ancient Tradition
Taylor Marshall
Chapter Six / Digital Discourse: The New Apologetics
Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Part Three / Fostering the Flock: New Media & Community

Chapter Seven / Innovative Shepherding: New Media in the Diocese
Scot Landry
Chapter Eight / High-Tech Community: New Media in the Parish
Matthew Warner
Chapter Nine / That They May Be One: Cultivating Online Community
Lisa Hendey

Part Four / To the Ends of the Earth: New Media & Mission

Chapter Ten / Changing the World: New Media Activism
Thomas Peters
Chapter Eleven / Moving Mountains: Building a Digital Movement
Shawn Carney (40 Days for Life)

Conclusion / To Infinity and Beyond: The Future of the Church and New Media
Brandon Vogt

Archbishop Timothy Dolan

Appendix / New Media How-To








Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. Comprehensive look at how the Church can evangelize, educate, and nourish the faith via new media

Brandon Vogt's got everybody talking about how new media can serve as a tool for evangelization, catechesis, and inspiration. His book, The Church and the New Media, is a conversation featuring the voices of various online personalities who bring diverse perspectives to the discussion of how the rapid changes in media and technology provide a golden opportunity for the Church.

Full Review...

This item received 4 stars overall. An inspiration for future digital evangelists

I'll get to the bottom line first: Brandon Vogt has edited one of the most important books on Catholics in the online world -- not so much because of its ruminations on the Church's understanding of social communications; not because it shows how to set up a blog or Facebook page (it would quickly be out of date if it tried to to that); but because The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet will inspire a whole new wave of Catholic innovation, experimentation, and expansion in the digital continent.

Vogt is convinced that the Church will need to embrace new media just as she came to embrace print, radio, and television. He opens the book by posing these questions:

"The world is waiting and listening in the vir Full Review...

This item received 4 stars overall. How to Use the Internet to Evangelize

Popes John Paul II and Benedict XI have both expounded on the necessity of using the internet to evangelize.  The Church and New Media gives concrete examples of how this has been done and suggestions to those who want to use these new media successfully.  Those familiar with the Catholic blogosphere will recognize the names of Fr. Robert Barron, Jennifer Fulwiler,  Mark Shea, Father Dwight Longenecker and Lisa Hendey.  These big-name bloggers and others talk about how they started on the internet, what messages they try to spread and what they have learned to avoid.  
There is a chapter on the new media efforts by the Archdiocese of Boston that discusses how they integrate all their new media (basically different versions of electronic communications) efforts, as well as how they encourage the parishes to use electronic media. & Full Review...

This item received 3 stars overall. A New Guide to the New Evangelization

At Austin Catholic New Media, we strive to harness the most popular social technologies of the day to aid in the New Evangelization. In other words, since everyone and his grandma is on Facebook, can we share our Catholic lives in photos and status updates? Can we use YouTube to teach people about Catholicism? And what is all that stuff, if you don't already know? Brandon Vogt, blogger at The Thin Veil, brings together various authors writing on this very topic in his book The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishop who Tweet.

Recognizing that New Media is not entirely new anymore, Vogt begins the book with an introductory chapter connecting previous media revolutions to this "new" one. He rightly points out that the Church got into printing, Full Review...


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