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Sinner - The Catholic Guy's Funny, Feeble Attempts to Be a Faithful Catholic

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
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What Catholic guy made money as an organ-grinder's assistant, spent one-on-one time with John Paul II, met a very nice Thai prostitute, and confessed his sins on a beanbag chair?  Lino Rulli, of course!

Lino Rulli has a style and personality not typically found in the world of religious media.  In this fast and funny collection of stories from his own life, The Catholic Guy speaks honestly about his failures, successes, and embarrassing moments.  He shares the joys and the struggles of trying to follow God in everyday circumstances. Honest, outrageous, funny and, above all, real. Lino demonstrates that, even though we are all sinners, Gods mercy and grace keeps us going.  His "regular guy" approach to Catholicism is both humble and hilarious.

In the pages of "Sinner" you'll read about: Lino's adventures in the confessional; A host of characters who make Lino's Catholic faith more challenging; why Lino is still single and Lino's take on suffering.

"Lino's book is insightful, funny, and entertaining.  He may even get a sinner like me to believe!" -Gary Dell'Abate, executive producer, The Howard Stern Show

"It's a bold admission to say you're a sinner.  Even bolder to write about it.  Sinner is a winner." -Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Archdiocese of New York

"A radio host like Howard Stern, only guilt-ridden and confession-going." -The New York Times

"He's a jerk." -Ex-Girlfriend

"Laugh with Lino Rulli and discover why he's so darned popular." -Catholic Digest

Table of Contents:

Monkey Boy
Cave Girl
Late Show Without Lino Rulli
Robert Johnson
Adventures in Confession: Part One
To None of the Girls I've Loved Before
Brother Lino
Thai Temptation
Adventures in Confession: Part Two
Wet Behind the Ears
Turn and Cough
Mrs. Lino Rulli
Never Been to a Turkish Prison
Big & Tall
Adventures in Confession: Part Three
King of all Catholic Media
Theology of an Italian Body
The Wrestler
Progress with Pants
The Pope and I
Brace Yourself
Golden Idols





Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A spiritual journey for the rest of us

Lino Rulli is the real deal. Fans of his "The Catholic Guy" show are familiar with his self-deprecating humor and honest approach to sharing his faith. Both longtime listeners and those unfamiliar with his work will enjoy Sinner, an autobiography which doesn't shrink from the ups and downs of living out one's faith in today's sometimes hostile culture.

This is a conversion story in the sense of the daily examination of Full Review...

This item received 3 stars overall. Life Story of a Catholic Comedian

I guess I should have realized that a book by a comedian was not likely to be the book for me.  Comedy isn't my thing, and by the time I got to the end of Sinner I was skimming and waiting for it to be over.  
Lino Rulli is an Italian-American comedian who has a show on Sirus radio (and I'll admit to barely knowing what Sirus radio is, having never listened to it.)  The book is kind of a memoir, but not really.  It's the story of his faith life, but not really.  It's a book about him, but after having read it, I don't feel like I know any more about him or about his faith than I did after reading the back of the book.  
Rulli admits that he isn't the most pious guy on the block, and that he was thrilled to be confirmed because that meant he didn't have to go to mass anymore (guess his parents weren't as mean as Full Review...

This item received 4 stars overall. Funny and Relatable!

Are you finding it hard to be holy? 
Do you sometimes feel like the "world" has a tight grip on you?
Do you have a hard time "fitting in"?
Lino Rulli, best known as "The Catholic Guy" has written a memoir of his life entitled, "Sinner". In the book, he discusses the troubles he had growing up as a m Full Review...

This item received 3 stars overall. Persistent faithfulness

I struggle a lot with my faith life. Many people think that I am somehow better or holier because I work for the Church. Correction: I am not. If anything, being so closely connected to the inner workings of my sort-of parish makes me more aware of how much of a mess I am (and how much work and money it takes to run the place). As I write this review, I am barely through breakfast and have already been reminded by God that he does not make my life stressful. My choices do. It’s my choice to return to him and stay faithful to him that makes all the difference.

Persistent faithfulness is the underlying theme of the recent book by Lino Rulli, the Catholic Guy from Full Review...

This item received 4 stars overall. Laugh out loud funny

Sometimes you see a book and you instantly think to yourself that there's probably no way you're going to like it.  That was my initial reaction when an advance review copy of Lino Rulli's Sinner arrived at my house.  I looked at it and thought there would be little in the book that would even remotely appeal to me.  Then I decided that I should at least peek inside the book and see what it was about.  Within minutes of me scanning the book, I was incredibly amused.

Sinner is Lino's story of his life as a Catholic and his struggle to be a faithful one at that.  As I read through the book I frequently found myself laughing until I cried.  The stories found in this book are a riot.  Each of the stories has a point so for those who lack a sense of humor, you can rest assured that there are nice little gems of wisdom tucked into the author's amusing reco Full Review...


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