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Style, Sex and Substance

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 4 1/2 stars overall.
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Who is to say who the authentic Catholic woman is?

And how do the perils and pitfalls of modern society impact that vision?

Here is a fresh look at life from the perspective of ten Catholic women who live in the spotlight of the Internet ten bloggers who keep it real every day with their personal posts relating their triumphs, trials, and temptations for all to see.

In the same way, nothing is off limits in Style, Sex, & Substance. Each of these women brings a refreshingly open and humorous perspective to growing in faith and improving their relationship with Christ.

Enjoy real stories, real struggles, and best of all, real faith and trust that God will bring out the best in all circumstances whether in the family room, the bedroom, or at work.

Contributors include:
--Hallie Lord
--Jennifer Fulwiler
--Danielle Bean
--Rachel Balducci
--Simcha Fisher
--Anna Mitchell
--Barbra Nicolosi
--Rebecca Teti
--Elizabeth Duffy
--Karen Edmisten

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. Hear from real Catholic women who love their faith, family, friends, and a libation once in a while.

Many of the women who contributed to Style, Sex and Substance by Hallie Lord are bloggers I follow on a regular basis.  I looked forward to reading more of what they had to say about each topic, knowing that a chapter would be much longer than a blog post and so provide for information. 

Each chapter’s author spoke to a specific topic of interest to women, even if not Catholic.  Style, God, sex, friendship, marriage, motherhood and more are all covered with wit interspersed with advice and faith.  As I read it, I felt like I was having coffee at the mall with a friend. 

The overriding sense was one of ten women with the similar struggles as the rest of us and while they may Full Review...

This item received 5 stars overall. Full of Substance!

Style, Sex, and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things That Really Matter”, co-written by 10 extraordinary Catholic women and edited by Hallie Lord, is the newest book for Catholic women published by Our Sunday Visitor. Covering topics such as marriage, the single life, sex, and motherhood, this book has something for everyone. Each contributing author covers a topic that is close to the Catholic woman’s heart with humor and genuine Christian love.
I must be honest with you, my readers. I was looking through the books that were up for review through Full Review...

This item received 5 stars overall. I enjoyed this book so much I hope every woman reads it.

I almost didn't read Style, Sex and Substance because the title seemed flippant. On the other hand, I won't readily forget the title!  Hallie Lord selected chapters (submitted by women bloggers, editors and writers) which were edifyingly about women struggling to live their vocations.  I found this to be a very effective book.
All 10 ladies who wrote chapters for this book touched my heart deeply. I laughed, cried, and found myself making new commitments to aspects of my vocation that I had neglected.  I found this spirituality applied to everyday lives an effective way to communicate the importance of personal growth in virtue.  These ladies were all quite orthodox in their theology and s Full Review...

This item received 5 stars overall. A must read for any woman!

Style, Sex, & Substance is a book that will help any Catholic woman take a meaningful look into her life and discusses the current issues that a twenty-first century Catholic woman may face. The book is divided into ten chapters that each have a separate focal point from women's lives, including single life, marriage and raising children. The focal points in each section are written in an easy to understand language by ten different women that convey their spiritual growth through their everyday experiences in a contemplative and humorous way. Although you are reading from a book, you are drawn in quickly with the personal stories and the intimacy and honesty will make you feel like you are having a heart-to- heart with a close friend.
Full Review...

This item received 4 stars overall. Feminine Genius at It's Best

    I’ve been hearing great things about Style, Sex, & Substance and was overjoyed when my copy of the book finally arrived.  It’s even better than I’d hoped for, and I was already expecting to be impressed by the contributors included. 

    The wonderfully unique personalities and voices of these ten women discussing their experiences of life, love, friendship, marriage, faith discernment, womanhood, family life and God are refreshing, enriching, and unabashedly honest. 

     Personal stories, excellent suggestions, and reflection questions drew me into the book, engaging me on a much deeper level than I imagined on the most essential aspects of the lives of modern Cat Full Review...


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