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Most people know that the Catholic Church teaches that sex outside of the holy union of marriage is not God’s plan. However, many people, Catholics and non-Catholics, take the concept for granted, without truly seeking understanding. Abstinence until marriage is only one part of the puzzle. From 1979 through 1984, Pope John Paul II gave a lengthy series of profound and inspirational talks, known as “Theology of the Body,” regarding the relationship between the human body and God’s Divine plan. In the years since these talks first ignited the faithful to learn more about the role of the physical within the framework of God’s plan, many theologians and authors have worked to bring the Pope’s message to the masses.

Introduction to Theology of the Body

The subject of the Theology of the Body is expansive – after all, the Pope spent five years giving upward of one hundred audiences on the matter. If you’ve not heard or read much on the Theology of the Body, you may want to start by reading an introductory or overview book. Books such as Christopher West’s Theology of the Body for Beginners and Fr. Anthony Percy’s Theology of the Body Made Simple are perfect resources for someone seeking to learn about Pope John Paul II’s amazing teachings on sex, love, and the meaning of life. If you want something with a little more detail on the subject, you may be interested in Christopher West’s lengthier resource, Theology of the Body Explained, or the collection of John Paul II’s texts in Man and Woman, He Created Them. Or, if you’d like to use the message of Theology of the Body as a prayer aid, pick up Sex and the Sacred City, a concise, informative book of meditations on Theology of the Body.

Studying Theology of the Body

If you are interested in studying Theology of the Body in greater depth, there are multiple books available which focus in detail on particular subjects within Pope John Paul II’s theological talks. For example, the acclaimed new Christopher West book, Heaven’s Song is a rich, thorough resource which delves into what we can learn from Pope John Paul II’s talks on the Song of Songs. The book Good News about Sex and Marriage is especially pertinent for engaged and married couples, while the DVD Theology of the Body and Celibacy focuses on the role of this theology among the celibate.

For group study settings, there is An Introduction to Theology of the Body, a powerful eight-part, four hour study designed to give you a solid grasp of God’s plan for humanity and that takes the reader beyond the "whats" of Catholic teaching to the "whys" with a deeper understanding. Available in this line are the talks on DVD or CD, the leaders guide, and a student workbook.

Additionally, Aquinas and More carries an abundant selection of CDs and DVDs on Theology of the Body, such as Theology of the Body Teacher Training on DVD, And the Two Become One: Unity, the Eucharist and God's Plan for Marital Love on CD and a DVD Sampler of some of the best talks on the Theology of the Body. Many of these CDs and DVDs would be great to learn and study with at home, or within a group setting.

Theology of the Body for Teens

Because teens today more than ever are bombarded with the immoral, yet popular, secular and hedonistic concept of sexuality, there are resources specifically designed for teaching Theology of the Body to teenagers. Theology of the Body for Teens is a product line consisting of a DVD set, Leaders Guide, Parents Guide, and Student Workbook. It is aimed for a classroom or youth group setting but also can be used in the home.

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