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HMH Regina Catholic Medals – The Finest Devotional Heirlooms
A History
Catholic medals of old were more than silver and gold tokens, they were works of art. Beautiful, intricate, high quality medals depicting incredibly detailed images of Christ and of beloved saints. While many people enjoy the subtle charm of the simple oval and circle medals available today, still others yearn for the beautiful grace of classic Catholic medals; refined pieces of jewelry that evoke memories and the feeling of an era gone by.
From 1910 to 1962, HMH was the premier manufacturer of such elegant medals, truly stunning pendants that called to mind the beauty and reverence of the Catholic faith. Regina Manufacturing dates back to the 1940s and was, along with HMH, one of the original and oldest Catholic jewelry manufacturers in the United States. Also well known for their intricate designs and attention to detail, Regina boasts an inventory of 1,500 designs, the majority of which had not been produced for decades. Now, after a 40 year absence, HMH has returned and merged with the prestigious Regina Mfg. company to forge a Catholic jewelry production company whose elegant products rival all others.
The dies used to strike the HMH Regina medals are the same dies used in the first half of the 20th century. These dies, recovered and put to use after several decades, are not your ordinary medal making molds. They were hand sculpted in the early 1900s by master die makers, true artisan craftsmanship that cannot be replicated at this time. The HMH Regina line features only the highest quality products that newly cut retain all the grace and beauty of antique Catholic medals.
Military Medals
Military Medals are always a favorite devotional gift to present to someone enlisting into military service or to their spouses and family members who love them. As with their other lines, HMH Regina has some of the finest military medals available. Both the images of popular saints such as in the St. Michael or St. Christopher medals, as well as the emblems of the military branches are finely detailed, with clear, crisp easy-to-read lettering. HMH Regina also offers an absolutely stunning miraculous medal with wings military medal; an amazing piece of art that is unlike any other miraculous medal.
Click to see the medals that are available for the four military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.
Patron Saint Medals
Of course, one of the favorite types of Catholic medals is the patron saint medal. True to form, the HMH Regina Catholic saint medals are stunning works of art. Even the simple circular medals have incredible detail in the images of the saints: you can see the individual flowers St. Isabelle is holding, the expression on the face of St. George and the texture of the dragon he slays, the crown of thorns is even visible on the Holy Napkin St. Veronica holds. View all the round HMH Regina medals by clicking here.
However, if you want a medal that is a little more unique or elaborate, we have something for you. HMH features a line of medals in unique shapes, such as the rectangular St. Joseph and St. Jude medals, the octagonal St. Michael medal and an amazing ornate St. Therese medal adorned with flowers. Click here to browse all the HMH Regina patron saint medals.
With the elegant designs of the other HMH medals, it comes as no surprise that they also produce a line of crucifixes that are simply exquisite. With everything from simple and subtly designed Latin crosses to amazingly artistic Latin crosses, Celtic crosses to Eastern Crucifixes, and a beautiful Trinity crucifix there is something for all tastes. Each of these crucifixes has the beautiful detail and charm that is characteristic of the other HMH Regina designs.
Click Here to see the entire HMH Regina line, including many other unique and stunning designs, such Baby Protection Pins, Sterling Scapular medals, a Patron saint charm bracelet and much, much more.
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