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The Handbook for Catholic Moms

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 5 stars overall.
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Read our interview with author Lisa Hendey.


In the Handbook for Catholic Moms Lisa Hendey draws from the deep traditions of our Catholic faith and coaches Catholic moms in how to care for themselves—heart, mind, body, and soul—so that they can better love and care for their families, their neighbors, and their Church.


With warmth and wisdom, Hendey creates an environment where Catholic moms can reflect peacefully upon often-competitive topics like parenting style, types of schooling, and working outside the home. By sharing her own story, Hendey inspires readers to better balance their own needs with the demands of family life and faith commitment.

Lisa shares stories from her personal life as a wife and mother, as well as stories contributed by Catholic moms and families from around the country.  Each chapter of The Handbook for Catholic Moms contains relevant scripture passages, Church doctrine, and quotes from the lives of the saints.  Noted Catholics such as Danielle Bean, Father James Martin, Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle and Phil Lenahan contribute their expertise and wisdom to make this a tremendous resource for Catholic mothers.  "Mom's Homework" reflections at the conclusion of every chapter help the reader apply the book's principles to her real world challenges as a Catholic Mom.

Read a sample chapter of the Handbook for Catholic Moms!

Contributors to The Handbook for Catholic Moms:

Sharmane Adams, Susan Bailey, Rachel Balducci, Mary Ellen Barrett, Danielle Bean, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, Maria de Lourdes Ruiz Scaperlanda, Lisa Duffy, Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, Fr. Jay A. Finelli, Reverend Mr. Tom Fox, Pat Gohn, Kelly the Kitchen Kop, Mary Ann Kuharski, Phil Lenahan, James Martin, SJ, Laurie Manhardt, Arwen Mosher, Holly Pierlot, Sarah Reinhard, Paula Rutherford, Rebecca Ryskind Teti, Sue Stanton, Kate Wicker, Melissa Wiley


"Lisa Hendey’s website has long been a treasured internet gathering spot. The Handbook for Catholic Moms is a welcome extension of Lisa’s wisdom and energy, enriched by the experiences of the community of women who have found community, support, and strength through"
- Amy Welborn, Author of A Catholic Woman’s Book Of Days

"Lisa Hendey is the sister friend of Catholic motherhood! We know her so well through her work for families, her website, and her engaging podcasts. Lisa now brings us her book in which she openly discusses the essential elements of a Catholic mom’s life in an exceptionally delightful, engaging, dynamic, and practical manner. You’ll be turning pages and feeling as if Lisa is there by your side lovingly offering her insight and warm encouragement. You’re going to love this book!"
- Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, Host of EWTN’s Everyday Blessings For Catholic Moms

"Lisa Hendey is the kind of friend whose advice you always treasure. Warm, wise, funny, compassionate, faith-filled, and, above all experienced in the joys and struggles of family life, her new book will be a lifesaver to Catholic women who try, hope, and pray to be good moms."
- James Martin, S.J., Author of My Life with the Saints

"Kudos to fellow blogger Lisa Hendey for such a comprehensive, holistic companion for women who can use their faith as a tool to empower themselves as mothers, as wives, and as individuals on the pilgrimage of life."
- Therese Borchard, Author of Beyond Blue

"Every mom needs a few good tools in her belt, to help her handle life’s challenges and The Handbook for Catholic Moms belongs on your short list of indispensable resources. Does your marriage need a tune-up? Does your friendship garden need cultivating? Could your parenting skills use a little remedial attention? This book offers sound advice to help you meet these and other challenges with confidence and grace."
- Heidi Hess Saxton, Author of My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories

"There is a saying: A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. For years, Lisa has been the candle that lights so many others. She also invites those with their own flame of faith to join with her so that more darkness is dispelled. This book is wonderful for Catholic moms (and others) to experience the Light burning inside as well as around Lisa Hendey. She is a gift to people of faith and journey."
-Deacon Tom Fox, Columnist and Podcaster at

Topics of Interest include:

Single Motherhood
The Importance of Mass Attendance
Working Outside the Home
Doctor’s Orders: Recommended Medical Routines
Becoming a Lifelong Learner
Exploring the Bible









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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A great resource for today's Catholic mom.

I recently had the opportunity to review Lisa Hendey's The Handbook for Catholic Moms through the Tiber River blogger review program.  The book is focused on nurturing the heart, mind, body and soul of the Catholic mom.  The book is written in a very engaging style that will keep you turning pages.  It reads like you are having a nice chat with a good friend.

I particularly liked the way the book was set up.  The book is divided into four parts: Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.  Each  section has several well-rounded chapters which are peppered with inspiring quotes from the catechism, Pope John Paul II and many others.  All of the chapters are prefaced with scripture that tie in nicely with the subject matter.  Following that, each chapter starts out with an introduction of Lisa's experience in this area, be it personal experiences or observations she has made.  Then you'll find a few sections that discuss the subject Full Review...

This item received 5 stars overall. Has something for every Catholic mom.

I had very high hopes with the Handbook for Catholic Moms. I didn't think I could find a single flaw in it. I was wrong. I read the first chapter and considered putting it down. The first chapter considers single moms, but doesn't offer on idea for moms who converted after they were married. There was nothing for the moms who didn't have church weddings or anything like that. I was sad to see one who group of people, a group which I belong to, was left out of that first chapter.
However, I kept reading, and I am so glad I did. Every section after that one had things that I found helpful to read. Lisa Hendey did an amazing job addressing almost every other person or part of motherhood that I could think of. I have a child that is in the process of being evaluated for an autism spectrum disorder, the section on special-needs children was filled with things that helped me be more at peace with everything going on with my daughter.
 Full Review...

This item received 4 stars overall. Catholic Moms -- what a diverse group we are!

Catholic Moms -- what a diverse group we are! In The Catholic Handbook for Moms, Lisa Hendey has done a great job of presenting something for just about every one of us. I'm not a fan of "pull the heartstrings," overly emotional women's reading material. If that's what you are looking for, then The Handbook for Catholic Moms is not the book for you.

Hendey's handbook is organized into four categories: heart, head, body, and soul. She presents real life situations, humorous antidotes, encouraging words, and prayerful solutions for those of us who are simply trying to be good moms. Each chapter includes a "mom's homework" section and a listing of helpful online resources.

Hendey begins by focusing on the heart of a mom and how we can better nurture and develop relationships with our family, our friends, and our selves. Next, she turns to our minds. We must acknowledge that our vocation involves teaching, learning, working, being creati Full Review...

This item received 5 stars overall. Great for Catholic moms- moms-to-be and those of us already living this amazing vocation

I've visited many times over the 5 years I've been a mom... it's come a long way in that time  and now the founder, Lisa Hendey, has written a book encompassing a lot of what her website is about. 

The Handbook for Catholic Moms is well written, and covers a lot of topics we face as Catholic mothers, wives (single moms too!) and women of faith... something that has, honestly, been lacking compared to our Protestant and Evangelical counterparts...

Each chapter takes a topic, like finding Catholic moms and women to include in your circle of friends or how to balance working, internet use, etc with your vocation as a mother and the duties it entails.  There is an anecdote from a contributer or reader, and many quotes from the Popes, saints, or the Catechism as it pertains to the topic covered.  Then t Full Review...

This item received 5 stars overall. Friendly, realistic advice for all kinds of Catholic moms

In The Handbook for Catholic Moms, Lisa Hendey has assembled a treasure trove of practical suggestions for all areas of Catholic motherhood. But what’s exceptional about her book is that you can read it, recognize areas you may need to work on, and not feel crummy. That’s a rare thing for me, as I have a love/hate relationship with motherly advice books.

It’s her tone – firm but not preachy, admitting her own struggles, and staying positive without sugar-coating the challenges we face as moms. Hendey also doesn’t write for just one type of mother. She provides ideas for moms at all points on the “working” spectrum – those who hold down full-time jobs, those who homeschool, and anyone in between. The book also includes special chapters for single parents, adoptive familes,Full Review...

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