Catholic Military Medals

Catholic Military Medals
In these trying times, a wonderful and spiritual gift for a loved one serving the military is a Catholic military medal. These devotional military medals are not only pieces of jewelry but a constant reminder of faith and God’s continuous care, but also act as an encouragement to pray for intercession from the patron saints especially connected to those in military service. They also make a great gift for a parent, friend, or anyone who has someone dear to them enlisted in the service or indeed for any faithful Christian who is thinking of and praying for those in the military. Aquinas and More works with several quality manufacturers of Catholic jewelry to provide you with a wide selection from which to choose.
St. Michael Military Medals
One of the most popular styles of military medals is the Saint Michael military medal. Michael the archangel was the leader of God’s army of angels in the uprising of Lucifer and the other fallen angels, and so among his patronage, he is connected to the plight of those in the military service. Because devotion to St. Michael is so widespread, there are many choices available if you are looking for a St. Michael military medal.
Saint Michael military medals are available in oval or circle/round pendant shapes, in either a smaller ‘charm’ size (about ¾”) or the more standard pendant size (about 1”). These medals feature an image of St. Michael on one side, and depict the emblem or logo of the chosen military branch on the other. There are also a few ‘tag’ or ‘dog tag’ style St. Michael medals available. St. Michael devotional medals are available as Army medals, Navy medals, Marine Corps medals, Air Force medals, Coast Guard medals, and as a Paratrooper medal.
St. Christopher Medals
St. Christopher is another saint to whom those in the service have a special devotion to. Though little is truly known of the early martyr, perhaps the devotion has evolved due to the tradition that he was a strong and powerfully built man, as well as his patronage of sudden death and holy death.
As with St. Michael medals, the most common style for St. Christopher military medals are the oval or circular shaped pendants, and they typically display an image of St. Christopher on one side and the emblem of a military branch on the other side. Christopher military medals are available as Army medals, Navy medals, Marine Corps medals, Air Force medals, and Coast Guard medals.
Military Miraculous Medals and Our Lady of Loretto
There are of course many choices for a miraculous medal in the selection Aquinas and More carries, but we do also carry a military miraculous medal specifically for those in the military, and those whose family and/or friends are in the service. The intricately detailed pendant features a miraculous medal enfolded in angel wings; at the top of the medal there is a stars and stripe design as well as the engraved name of the military branch. Available for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.
Additionally, Our Lady of Loretto is the patroness of aviators and air travel. For this reason, many people whose military service involves piloting planes or involves doing much of their work in an aircraft have a special devotion to Our Lady of Loretto. While not specifically designed with military logos, we do carry a selection of Our Lady of Loretto flight-related medals.
Mizpah Medals
The Mizpah military medals are popular among Catholic couples. They are in fact two medals, with a slight jagged edge that when held up to each other form a circle. The front of the medals (when held together as one medal) bears a two-heart design and the brief bible verse, “The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent from one another” Genesis 1:49. The back of the medals have the emblem of the military branch. The Mizpah medals are available for Army, Navy, National Guard, Coast Guard, and Air Force.
Pewter Medal and Prayer Card Sets
Newly added to the selection at Aquinas and More, are military medal and prayer card sets. Each pewter medal features the military branch’s emblem and is inscribed with “St. Michael Protect Us.” They each come with a laminated prayer card which has a prayer for those in military service. The pewter medals are durable, yet inexpensive, making these sets ideal for bulk purchasing. At the affordable pricing, they can be bought in large amounts to hand out to Catholics within the military, families with members in the military, or to the congregation of a parish, to encourage prayer for those serving in the military. The military prayer card and pendant sets are available with the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force emblems.
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