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Why I Love Being Catholic – Xuan Truong

I love being Catholic because I believe Catholicism is the sole faith founded by God. The founders of all other religions are mere mortals and flawed. Through the Catholic Church, I am unified with God in the most intimate way and able to call all baptized members family. Additionally, I gain access to all the means of salvation, notably the sacraments, through the Church. Christ’s Incarnation is so profound and mysterious that the Catholic Church demands all time and space [...]

Why I Love Being Catholic – Christian Dresen

Perhaps the greatest witness to my love of Catholicism is that I cannot explain it without invoking the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, a Catholic saint. A scholar and author of the Summa Theologica, St. Thomas's writings are held in high regard for their detailed explanations of spirituality, society, and the soul of man himself. It is these writings, as well as the notably countless modern works inspired by them, that have helped me to understand that Catholicism is not merely [...]

Why I Love Being Catholic – Summer McKenna

To be completely honest (as a good Catholic should), I haven't always loved being Catholic. In fact, for the first decade and a half of my life, I dreaded being a Catholic because of all that it entailed: the weekly hour-long masses, the dumb CCD classes, the strict commandments, the modest outfits and the rosaries that apparently didn't double as fashionable necklaces. Everything that I understood to be "Catholic" seemed like it was limiting me and my life. However, as [...]

Why I Love Being Catholic – Victor Phi Nguyen

"Who am I, and what is my purpose?" This simple yet real question is something that every single man will ask himself in his lifetime. It is "the question" that strikes him to the core of his being and is capable of paralyzing him if he has failed to build his life on solid foundations. My identification with the Church in my early years was far from admirable; similar to an outdoors man who hates his office job, I would come [...]