St. Simon Stock

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 05/16
Tridentine Calendar - 05/16

Patron Of: Bordeaux, France

Also known as Simon Anglus Simon the Englishman Memorial 16 May Profile Little is known of his early life. Legend says that at age twelve he began to live as a hermit in a hollow oak tree; the name Stock is believed derived from the old English for tree trunk. Itinerant preacher. Pilgrim to the Holy Lands, but left when invading Muslims chased out Christians. Joined the Carmelite Order soon after its arrival in England. Lived and studied for several years in Rome and Mount Carmel. Elected sixth general of the Carmelites in 1247 around age 82. Helped the Order spread through England, southern and western Europe. Founded houses in Cambridge, England in 1248, Oxford in 1253, Paris in 1260, and Bologna in 1260. Revised the Rule of the Order to make them mendicant friars instead of hermits. Regardless of these successes, the Order was oppressed on all sides, including by the clergy and other orders. The friars took their woes to their patroness, the Virgin Mary. Tradition says that in answer, she appeared to Simon bringing him the brown scapular of the Carmelites. "This shall be the privilege for you and for all the Carmelites," she told him, "that anyone dying in this habit shall be saved." On 13 January 1252 the Order received a letter of protection from Pope Innocent IV, protecting them from harassment. Born c.1165 in Aylesford, County Kent, England Died 16 May 1265 in the Carmelite monastery at Bordeaux, France of natural causes while on a visit skull transferred to the Carmelite friary in Aylesford, England in 1951 Canonized never formally canonized venerated by the Carmelites since at least 1564 the Vatican has approved Carmelite celebration of his feast Patronage Bordeaux, France Representation Carmelite friar holding a scapular Carmelite friar receiving the scapular from the Blessed Virgin Carmelite friar surrounded by and praying for souls in purgatory elderly man in a Carmelite habit in prayer

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