St. Wolfgang of Ratisbon

St. Wolfgang of Ratisbon Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 10/31

Patron Of: Against Apoplexy, Against Paralysis, Against Strokes, Paralytics, Against Stomach Diseases, Carpenters

Also known as

    * Wolfgang of Regensberg
    * The Great Almoner


    * 31 October


    Educated by Benedictines at Reichenau, Switzerland. Spiritual student of Saint Romuald. Benedictine monk at Einsiedeln abbey, Switzerland in 964. Teacher; director of the abbey school. Abbey prior in 970. Evangelized the Magyars in modern Hungary. Missionary to Pannonia. Priest. Bishop of Ratisbon (modern Regensberg, Germany) in 972. Reformed clerical discipline and spirituality in his diocese. Noted for his preaching, his teaching abilities, his charity (hence the name Great Almoner) and his care for lay people in his diocese. Tutor to the future emperor Saint Henry II.


    * 924 in Swabia, Germany


    * 31 October 994 at Pupping, Linz (modern Austria) of natural causes


    * 1052 by Pope Leo IX


    * against apoplexy
    * against paralysis
    * against stomach diseases
    * against strokes
    * apoplexics
    * carpenters
    * paralysed people
    * Regensburg, Germany, diocese of
    * stroke victims


    * church
    * hatchet
    * hermit in the wilderness being discovered by a hunter
    * man forcing the devil to help him to build a church
    * man with an axe in the right hand and the crozier in the left

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