St. Victoria

St. Victoria Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 02/11

    11 February

    North African nobility. Convert in her youth. She refused an arranged marriage to a young nobleman, and on her wedding day she leaped from a window in her parents' house. She sought sanctuary in a nearby church, and there dedicated her life to God.

    Arrested during the Eucharist for her faith, her pagan brother, Fortunatianus, tried to intercede with the judge by claiming she was insane; she disproved this by engaging in debate with the judge. The judge, Anulinus, was willing to release her if she agreed to her brother's supervision, but she refused, saying she could obey only God. Anulinus finally, knowing her family, pleaded with her to not throw away her life on what he considered a fantasy; she proclaimed that she was a Christian, that she was loyal to God, and that she had taken part in the Eucharist. Marytred with 45 fellow parishioners; they have long been given as examples hose who are lukewarm in attending Mass. She was noted during her imprisonment for her courage.

    tortured to death in 304 in prison at Albitina, north Africa; relics may be in an ancient sacristy in Rignano, Italy, and/or a chapel in Maria Stein, Ohio, USA


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