St. Susanna

St. Susanna Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 08/11

Patron Of: Martyrs

Also Known As


    11 August

    Roman noble, the beautiful daughter of Saint Gabinus, and niece of Pope Caius, living in the early part of Diocletian's reign when the last large-scale persecutions were building steam. Having made a private vow of virginity, and not wanting to be part of a family that murdered her family in faith, she refused to marry Maximian, Diocletian's son-in-law. Her piety was such that she converted Claudius and Maximus, relatives and the messengers sent to bring her to Maximian. In revenge, she was exposed as a Christian, beaten, and martyred.

    No reliable Acta of her life have survived, but her story has, and she is commemorated in many ancient Martyrologies. A Roman parish and church has borne her name since the fifth century. In 1969 she was dropped from the universal calender of saints, but her memorial is still celebrated in Saint Susanna's basilica in Rome.

    beheaded in 295 in her father's house at Rome; buried by Diocletian's wife, a closet Christian; the house became the original church with her name

Name Meaning
    lily (Susanna)


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