St. Simon the Apostle

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 10/28

Patron Of: Curriers, Sawmen, Sawyers, Tanners

Also known as
    Nathanael of Cana
    Simon Kananaios
    Simon Kananites
    Simon the Cananean
    Simon the Zealot
    Simon Zealotes

    28 October (Roman Church)
    10 May (Coptic Church)

    Apostle. Called the Cananean or Zealot because of his zeal for the Jewish law; he was not from Cana, nor a member of the Zealot party. Like all the Apostles, he was a convert, and was trained by Saint Peter the Apostle. Evangelized in Egypt and Mesopotamia, though there are traditions of him being in several other locations. Several places claim to have been the site of his martyrdom.

    martyred; Abyssinians claim he was crucified in Samaria; Lipsius says he was sawn in half at Suanir, Persia; Moses of Chorene writes that he was martyred at Weriosphora in Iberia; many locations claim to have relics including Toulouse, France, and Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy


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