St. Seraphina

St. Seraphina Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 03/12

Patron Of: Disabled People, Handicapped People, Spinners

Also known as

    * Fina


    * 12 March


    Born poor, and though she stayed that way, she still found ways to help those in worse shape that herself. A pretty girl, she lived as a hermit in her home, doing chores, giving to the poor when she could, spinning, sewing, and praying through the nights. Seraphina’s father died when the girl was very young. Soon after, she was stricken with a condition that made any movement painful; she had to be carried everywhere on a board. Fina lived the rest of her life in constant suffering, and neglect, which she turned over to God in her constant prayers. She never joined an order but lived her life under Benedictine rule. Devoted to Saint Gregory the Great who suffered from a condition like hers. She received a vision from Saint Gregory who foretold the date of her death.


    * at San Geminiano, Tuscany, Italy


    * 12 March 1253 of natural causes


    * disabled people
    * handicapped people
    * physically challenged people
    * spinners

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All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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