St. Rene Goupil

St. Rene Goupil Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 10/19

Patron Of: Anesthesiologists, Abyssinia

Also known as

    * Renatus Goupil


    * 19 October


    Entered the Jesuit novitiate in Paris, France, but his deafness prevented his joining the order. He studied medicine, and in 1639 offered to work as a medic for the Jesuit missionaries in America. Missionary to the Hurons, working as a donné, a layman who worked without pay. Worked in a hospital in Quebec, Canada in 1640. Assistant to Saint Isaac Jogues on his missionary travels. Captured and tortured by Iroquois, enemies of the Huron, for making the sign of the cross over a child‘s head, which was mistaken for some type of curse. While they were in captivity, Father Isaac received Rene into the Jesuits as a religious brother. First martyr in North America. His death by tomahawk in the head led to his patronage of people who work with or receive anesthesia.


    * 1606 at Anjou, France


    * tomahawked in the head following two months of torture in 1642


    * 21 June 1925 by Pope Pius XI


    * 29 June 1930 by Pope Pius XI


    * anesthetists
    * anesthesiologists

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