St. Remigius of Reims

St. Remigius of Reims Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 10/01

Patron Of: Against Religious Indifference, Against Throat Pain, against epidemics, Against Fever, Against Plague, Against Snakes, France

Also known as

    * Apostle of the Franks
    * Remi of Rheims
    * Remigio of Rheims
    * Remigiusz of Rheims
    * Romieg of Rheims
    * Rémi of Rheims
    * Rémy of Rheims


    * 1 October
    * 13 January (Rheims, France)
    * 15 January (France, general calendar)


    Born to the Gallo-Roman nobility, the son of Emilius, count of Laon, and of Saint Celina. A speaker noted for his eloquence, he was selected bishop of Rheims (in modern France) at age 22 while still a layman, and served his diocese for 74 years. He evangelized throughout Gaul, working with Saint Vaast. Spiritual teacher of Saint Theodoric. Converted Clovis, king of the Franks, baptising him on 24 December 496; this opened the way to the conversion of all the Franks and the establishment of the Church throughout France. Blind at the time of his death.


    * c.438


    * 13 January 533 of natural causes
    * interred on 15 January 533
    * relics transferred to the Basilica Saint-Rémy 1 October 1049


    * 1049 by Pope Saint Leo IX


    * against epidemics
    * against fever
    * against plague
    * against religious indifference
    * against snakes
    * against throat pain
    * France
    * Rheims, France, archdiocese of
    * Rheims, France, city of


    * book
    * dove
    * lamp

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