St. Pope Boniface IV

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 05/08
Tridentine Calendar - 05/25

    8 May
    formerly 25 May


    Son of a physician named John. Student under Saint Gregory the Great. Benedictine monk in Rome. Served as deacon under Saint Gregory the Great; dispenser of alms and patrimonies. Chosen 67th Pope in 608. Converted the Roman temple of the old gods, the Pantheon, to a Christian church dedicated to Our Lady and all the Martyrs in 609, the first such conversion of a temple from pagan to Christian use. Supported the expansion of the faith into England, and met with the first bishop of London. Encouraged reforms among the clergy, and balanced it with improvements in their living and working conditions. Corresponded with Saint Columba. Late in life he converted his own house into a monastery and lived there, dividing his time between his papal work and life as a prayerful monk.


    c.550 at Valeria, Abruzzi, Italy

Papal Ascension

    25 August 608


    615 at Rome, Italy of natural causes; interred in the portico of Saint Peter's; relics moved c.1100; relics moved in the late 13th century by order of Pope Boniface VIII; relics re-interred in Saint Peter's Basilica on 21 October 1603



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