St. Pius V

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 04/30

Patron Of: Bosco Marengo, Italy

Also known as
    Antonio Ghisleri
    Giovanni Michele Ghisleri
    Michael Ghisleri
    Michele Ghislieri

    30 April
    formerly 5 May

    Born to impoverished Italian nobility, the son of Paolo Ghislieri and Domenica Augeria. Worked as a shepherd as a boy. Received an excellent education in piety and holiness, including a scholastic education from a Dominican friar; he joined the Order in 1518, taking the name Michele. Studied in Bologna, Italy. Ordained in 1528 in Genoa, Italy. Appointed teacher of philosophy and divinity in Genoa. Professor of theology in Pavia for sixteen years. Master of novices and prior of several Dominican houses, worked for stricter adherence to the Order's Rule. Inquisitor in Como and Bergamo, Italy. Commissary general of the Roman Inquisition in 1551. On 4 September 1556 Michael was ordained Bishop of Nepi and Sutri against his will. Inquisitor in Milan and Lombardy in 1556. Created cardinal on 15 March 1557. Grand inquisitor on 14 December 1558. Part of the conclave of 1559. Bishop of Mondovi, Italy on 17 March 1560. As bishop, Michael worked to lead his flock with words and examples, and served as a continual messenger encouraging personal piety and devotion to God. 225th pope.

    Upon his ascension to the papacy, Pius V immediately faced the task of enacting the reforms of the Council of Trent. New seminaries were opened, a new breviary, new missal, and new catechism were published; foundations were established to spread the Faith and preserve the doctrine of the Church. Pius spent much time personally working with the needy. Built hospitals and used the papal treasury to care for the poor. Pius faced many difficulties in the public forum, both in the implementation of the Tridentine reforms and interaction with other heads of state. Created 21 cardinals. At the time of his death he was working on a Christian European alliance to break the power of the Islamic states.

    17 January 1504 at Bosco, diocese of Alessandria, Lombardy, Italy as Antonio Ghisleri

Papal Ascension
    elected 7 January 1566
    crowned 17 January 1566

    1 May 1572 in Rome, Italy, apparently of a renal disorder
    buried in the chapel of San Andrea, Saint Peter's basilica, Vatican City

    1 May 1672 by Pope Clement X

    22 May 1712 by Pope Clement XI

    Bosco Marengo, Italy

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