St. Peter Chanel

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 04/28

Patron Of: Oceania, World Youth Day

Also known as
    Peter Louis Mary Chanel
    Pierre-Louis-Marie Chanel

    28 April

    Born to a peasant family, he was a shepherd as a boy. An excellent student. Ordained in 1827 at age 24. He was assigned to Crozet, a parish in decline; he turned it around, in part because of his ministry to the sick, and brought a spiritual revival. Joined the Society of Mary (Marist Fathers) in 1831. Taught at the Belley seminary for five years. Led a band of missionaries to the New Hebrides in 1836, an area where cannabilism had only recently been outlawed. He converted many, often as a result of his work with the sick. He learned the local language, and taught in the local school. Killed by order of Niuliki, a native king who was jealous of Peter's influence. First martyr in Oceania.

    12 July 1803 at Cuet, Ain, France as Peter Louis Mary Chanel

    beaten to death with a club on 28 April 1841 at Poi, Uvea, Fortuna Island, New Hebrides
    body hacked to pieces with hatchets

    25 November 1888

    17 November 1889

    12 June 1954 by Pope Pius XII

    World Youth Day

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All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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