St. Panteleon

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 07/27

Patron Of: Against Consumption, Against Tuberculosis, Bachelors, Doctors, Physicians, Torture Victims

Also known as

    27 July

    Christian physician to emperor Maximian. Life-long layman and bachelor. At one point he abandoned his faith, and fell in with a worldly and idolatrous crowd. However, he was eventually overcome with grief, and with the help of the priest Hermolaus, he returned to the Church. Brought his father to the faith. Gave his fortune to the poor, treated them medically, and never charged. Some of his cures were miraculous, being accomplished by prayer.

    Denounced to the anti-Christian authorities by other doctors. At trial he offered a contest to see whose prayers would cure the incurable - his or ther pagan priests'. The pagans failed to help the man, a palsied paralytic, but Pantaleon cured the man by mentioning the name Jesus. Many of the witnesses converted.

    The authorities tried to bribe him into denouncing the faith, but failed. They then threatened him; that failed. They followed up the threats with torture. When that failed, he was martyred. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

    nailed to a tree and beheaded c.305 under Diocletian

Name Meaning
    the All-compassionate (= Pantaleon)

    against consumption
    against tuberculosis
    torture victims

All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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