St. Maximilian of Celeia

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 10/12

Patron Of: Diocese of Linz, Austria, Diocese of Passau, Germany, Habsburg Family

Also known as
    Maximilian of Celje
    Maximilian of Cilli
    Maximilian of Lorch

    12 October
    29 October on some calendars

    Born to the nobility, the only child of rich and pious parents. After the death of his parents, Maximilian freed the family slaves and gave away his fortune to the poor. Pilgim to Rome, Italy. Sent as a missionary to Noricum and Pannonia by Pope Saint Sixtus II. First bishop of Lorch, Norucum. After 20 years of work as a missionary bishop, he returned to Celeia where he became a noted preacher. Ordered by secular authorities to prove his loyalty by sacrificing to idols; Maximilian refused. Martyred by order of governor Eulasius.

    in Celeia (modern Celje, Slovenia)

    beheaded on 12 October 284
    buried outside Celeia
    by the 8th century his relics had been moved to Salzburg, Austria and a chapel built over the grave
    on 9 September 878 his relics were known to be in Altötting, Germany
    c.980 Bishop Pilgrim of Passau transfers the relics of Maximilian to Passau
    his relics processed through Passau in 1634 to protect the city from plague
    sarcophagus opened in 1662, and found empty

Name Meaning
    the greatest (latin)


    Habsburg family (chosen in the 15th century)
    Linz, Austria, diocese of
    Passau, Germany, diocese of (earliest mention in writing on 30 September 985)

All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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