St. Maurus

St. Maurus Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 01/15

Patron Of: Against Colds, Against Hoarseness, Cobblers, Coppersmiths, Against Gout, charcoal burners

Also known as

    * Mauro


    * 15 January


    Born to the nobility, the son of Equitius, a senator, and Giulia. Disciple of Saint Benedict of Nursia at age 12. Studied with Saint Placid. Deacon. Benedictine monk. Assisted Saint Benedict at Subiaco, Italy, and at Monte Cassino in 528. Founder and abbot of the abbey at Glanfeuil, France in 543; it was later renamed for him. Could heal by prayer, and there are multiple stories of him bringing the dead back to life. At the moment of the death of Saint Benedict, Maurus received a vision of his old teacher traveling a street that led to heaven.


    * 512 in Rome, Italy


    * 15 January 584 of natural causes
    * relics interred in the church of San Germain, Paris, France
    * relics destroyed in 1793 during the anti-Catholic excesses of the French Revolution


    * Pre-Congregation


    * against cold
    * against gout
    * against hoarseness
    * Azores
    * Casoria, Italy
    * charcoal burners
    * cobblers
    * coppersmiths
    * shoemakers


    * abbot with book and censer
    * abbot with crozier
    * crutch
    * monk saving Saint Placid from drowning while a cowl floats above him
    * monk walking on water, which is how he reached Saint Placid to save him from drowning
    * man holding the weights and measures of food and drink given him by Saint Benedict
    * scales
    * spade

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