St. Matilda

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 03/14

Patron Of: Second Marriages, Death Of Children, Disappointing Children, Falsely Accused, Large Families, people ridiculed for their piety, Queens, Widows

Also known as
    Mathildis of Saxony
    Maud of Saxony

    14 March

    Daughter of Count Dietrich of Westphalia and Reinhild of Denmark; she was raised by her grandmother, abbess of the Eufurt. In 913, Matilda left the abbey, and married King Henry the Fowler of Saxony (Henry I), who had received an annulment from a previous marriage. Queen of Germany. Mother of Otto, Holy Roman Emporer; Henry the Quarrelsome, Duke of Bavaria; Saint Bruno, Archbishop of Cologne; Gerberga, wife of King Louis IV of France; Hedwig, mother of Hugh Capet. Founded several Benedictine abbeys. Well known throughout the realm for her generosity, she taught the ignorant, comforted the sick, and visited prisoners. Betrayed by Otto after Henry's death when he falsely accused her of financial mismanagement.

    c.895 at Engern, Westphalia, Germany

    14 March 968 at Quedlinburg, Germany of natural causes
    buried in the monastery at Quedlinburg

    death of children
    disappointing children
    falsely accused people
    large families
    people ridiculed for their piety
    second marriages

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