St. Marcella

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 01/31

31 January
Wealthy Roman noblewoman. Widowed young after only seven months of marriage. Declined a wedding proposal from the consul Cerealis. Organized a group of religious women at her mansion on the Aventine Hill, one of which was Saint Lea of Rome. They were under the spiritual direction of Saint Jerome, though she was never afraid to stand against him in arguments. Marcella spent most of her time reading, praying, and visiting the shrines of martyrs. Captured by the Goths who looted Rome in 410, she was tortured to give up her treasure, but was released when they realized she had given away everything to the poor.
325 at Rome
 August 410 at Rome
 tortured to death by Goths seeking hidden wealth

All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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