St. Lawrence Giustiniani

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 09/05

Also known as
    Laurence Giustiniani
    Lawrence Justinian
    Lorenzo Giustiniani
    Patriarch of Venice

    5 September

    Venetian nobility whose ancestors had fled Constantinople for political reasons. Against his widowed mother's wishes, he chose against marriage and for the religious life. Augustinian canon regular at San Giorgio, Alga, Italy in 1400. Spent his days wandering the island, begging for the poor. Ordained in 1406. Noted preacher and teacher of the faith. Held assorted administrative positions within his order. Reluctant bishop of Castello in 1433. General of the canons regular. Bishop of Grado in 1451; the see was then moved to Venice, and Laurence was named archbishop and patriarch by Pope Nicholas. Noted writer on mystical contemplation. Prophet. Miracle worker.

    1381 at Venice, Italy

    8 January 1455 at Venice, Italy of natural causes

    16 October 1690 by Pope Alexander VIII

All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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