St. James Oldo

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 04/18

Also known as
    James of Oldo
    James D'Oldo
    James of Lodi


    18 April


    Rich and self-indulgent youth married to a woman named Catharine of similar disposition. The death of a friend to disease brought his own mortality to his attention and matured him slightly. Then one day a travelling reproduction of the Holy Sepulchre came to Lodi. As a joke, James lay down on it to compare his height to Christ's. While lying there, he had an almost instantaneous conversion experience. Franciscan tertiary.

    His mother and wife were opposed to the change until his mother had a vision of being before the judgement seat of God. Both women became Franciscan tertiaries and turned their mansion into a center for prayer. They and spent their later years working with the sick and the prisoners taken in the civil war that devastated Lodi.

    Upon his wife's death, James became a priest. His acts of penance became so severe that his bishop had to order him to eat at least three times a week. Preacher whose life and words moved many to enter the religious life. Prophet. Predicted wars and his own death.


    1364 at Lodi, Italy


    1404; when moved seven years after his death, his body was found incorrupt



All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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