St. Honorius of Amiens

St. Honorius of Amiens Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 05/16

Patron Of: Flour Merchants, Oil Refiners, Against Drought, Bakers, Bakers of Hosts, Cake Makers, Candle-makers, Chandlers, Confectioners, Florists, Pastry Chefs

Also known as

    * Honoratus of Amiens
    * Honortus of Amiens
    * Honoré of Amiens


    * 16 May


    Born to the nobility. Known as a pious child, he was educated by Saint Beatus of Amiens. Reluctant bishop of Amiens, France, believing himself unworthy. Legend says that a ray of divine light and holy oil appeared upon his head at the time of his selection as bishop. Re-discovered the relics of Saint Victoricus of Amiens, Saint Fuscian of Amiens, and Saint Gentian of Amiens, which had been lost for 300 years.

    Legend says that when word reached the family home in Porthieu that Honorius had been chosen bishop, his old nursemaid, who was baking bread at the time, announced that the boy was no more going to be a bishop that then baker‘s peel she was leaning on would turn back into a tree. The wooden peel promptly grew roots and branches and turned into a blackberry tree what was still be shown to pilgrims 900 years later. This naturally led to a baker‘s peel being one of his emblems, and his patronage of trades associated with baking.


    * Porthieu, Amiens, France


    * 30 September 653 at Porthieu, Amiens, France
    * miracles reported at his tomb, especially in 1060 when his body was exhumed


    * Pre-Congregation


    * against drought
    * bakers
    * bakers of holy wafers
    * cake makers
    * candlemakers
    * chandlers
    * confectioners
    * corn chandlers
    * florists
    * flour merchants
    * oil refiners
    * pastry chefs


    * baker‘s peel or shovel
    * bishop with a large Host
    * bishop with three Hosts on a baker‘s shovel
    * loaves of bread
    * prelate with a hand reaching from heaven to give him bread for the Mass

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