St. Henry II

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 07/13

Patron Of: Kings, People Rejected by Religious Orders, Childless People, Against Sterility, Disabled People, Dukes, Handicapped People, Benedictine Oblates

Also known as
    Heinrich, Duke of Bavaria
    Good King Henry

    13 July

    Son of Gisella of Burgundy and Henry II the Quarrelsome, Duke of Bavaria. Educated at the cathedral school in Hildesheim by bishop Wolfgang of Regensburg. Became Duke of Bavaria himself in 995 upon his father's death, which ended his thoughts of becoming a priest. Ascended to the throne of Germany in 1002. Crowned King of Pavia on 15 May 1004. Married Saint Cunegunda, but was never a father. Some sources claim the two lived chastely, but there is no proof of this.

    Henry's brother rebelled against his power, and Henry was forced to defeat him on the battlefield, but later forgave him, and the two reconciled. He was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1014 by Pope Benedict VIII; he was the last of the Saxon dynasty of emperors. Founded schools, quelled rebellions, protected the frontiers, worked to establish a stable peace in Europe, and to reform the Church while respecting its independence. Fostered missions, and established Bamberg as a center for missions to Slavic countries. Started the construction of the cathedral at Basel, Switzerland; it took nearly 400 years to complete. Both Henry and Saint Cunegunda were prayerful people, and generous to the poor.

    At one point he was cured of an unnamed illness by the touch of Saint Benedict at Monte Cassino. He became somewhat lame in his later years. Widower. Following Cunegunda's death, he considered becoming a monk, but the abbot of Saint-Vanne at Verdun refused his application, and told him to keep his place in the world where he could do much good for people and the advancement of God's kingdom.

    6 May 972 at Albach, Hildesheim, Bavaria

    13 July 1024 at Pfalz Grona, near Göttingen, Saxony, of natural causes

    1146 by Pope Eugene III

    against sterility
    Bamberg, Germany, diocese of
    Basel, Switzerland
    Benedictine Oblates
    childless people
    disabled people
    handicapped people
    people rejected by religious orders
    physically challenged people

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All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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