St. Columba of Iona

St. Columba of Iona Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 06/09

Patron Of: Against Floods, Bookbinders, Ireland, Poets, Scotland

Also known as

    * Apostle of the Picts
    * Coim
    * Colmcille
    * Colum
    * Columbkill
    * Columbkille
    * Columbus
    * Columcille
    * Columkill
    * Combs


    * 9 June


    Born to the Irish royalty, the son of Fedhlimidh and Eithne of the Ui Neill clan. Bard. Miracle worker. Monk at Moville. Spiritual student of Saint Finnian. Priest. Itinerant preacher and teacher throughout Ireland and Scotland. Spiritual teacher of Saint Corbmac, Saint Phelim, Saint Drostan, and Saint Fergna the White. Travelled to Scotland in 563. Exiled to Iona on Whitsun Eve, he founded a monastic community there and served as its abbot for twelve years. He and the monks of Iona, including Saint Baithen of Iona and Saint Eochod, then evangelized the Picts, converting many, including King Brude. Attended the Council of Drumceat, 575. Legend says he wrote 300 books.


    * 7 December 521 at Garton, County Donegal, Ireland


    * 9 June 597 at Iona, Scotland, and buried there
    * relics translated to Dunkeld, Scotland in 849


    * Pre-Congregation


    * against floods
    * bookbinders
    * poets
    * Ireland
    * Scotland
    * Derry, Ireland, diocese of
    * Dunkeld, Scotland, diocese of
    * Pembroke, Ontario, diocese of
    * Raphoe, Ireland, diocese of
    * Pemboke, Ontario, Canada, city of

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