St. Adrian of Nicomedia

Feast Day:
Eastern Calendar - 08/26
Roman Rite Calendar - 09/08

Patron Of: Arms Dealers

Also known as

    * Hadrian of Nicomedia


    * 8 September (Roman calendar)
    * 26 August (Greek calendar)


    Pagan officer and body guard at the imperial court of Nicomedia. Adrian was so impressed by the strength and faith shown by persecuted Christians that he declared himself a Christian, though he had not even been baptized. He was immediately arrested and tortured. He and fellow prisoners were tended by his wife, Saint Natalia until they were executed.


    * hacked to pieces on 4 March 304
    * body burned, but when a storm extinguished the fire his wife salvaged his hand as a relic, and took it to Argyropolis near Constantinople
    * other relics at Grammont (Geertsbergen), Belgium


    * Pre-Congregation


    * against plague
    * arms dealers
    * butchers
    * prison guards
    * soldiers

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