The Tau is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, representing the fulfillment of the revealed word of God, and is depicted in the story of Moses lifting up the serpent on the pole as a sign of healing. The Tau Cross, or Franciscan Tau Cross, looks like a monk’s habit with arms outstretched, and was adopted by St. Anthony of the Desert, thus also bearing the name “St. Anthony’s Cross.”? Later, St. Francis adopted the cross, demonstrating with out-stretched arms that the monk’s habit was in the shape of the Tau Cross and telling his monks they must wear this cross like an incarnation of Christ in the world. Our Tau necklace/pendants come in a variety of materials, from the simple wood Tau Cross, to the pewter Tau Cross, the Sterling Silver Tau Cross, and the simple but elegant gold or gold-filled Tau Cross. There are two basic styles of the Tau cross, one which is plain and the other having the crossed arms, one depicting the stigmata of St. Francis and the other the hand of Jesus. All of our precious medal Tau Crosses come with a lifetime guarantee.


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