Sacred Music

Even though most Catholics don’t know it, Gregorian Chant is the truest form of Catholic music. It has been part of the Church for well over 1500 years and it is quite possible that it found its origins in the singing of the psalms by the Jews before Christianity even existed. Chant is the most perfect form of music for the Church because it doesn’t have secular roots and by its very nature it is a community song that doesn’t allow for personal performances.

After chant, polyphony is the next-most important style of sacred music. Polyphony means “multi-voice” which typically includes four or more parts that sing the same words but not the same notes at the same time. Some of the best music in the world is polyphony written between the 1400’s and the 1800’s by famous composers such as Palestrina, Byrd and Tallus.

Apart from our large selection of sacred music cds and digital sacred music, we also carry all the resources you need to learn how to sing Gregorian chant.


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