Sunday Missals

Has your pastor ever scared you during a homily by asking the congregation what the readings were the Sunday before? By the time the Gospel begins have you already forgotten what the first reading was? Can’t concentrate because the church’s A/C isn’t working and the kid in front of you looks like he just rolled out of bed? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to put more into Mass so you can get more out of it. An effective way to do this is by reflecting on the readings before Mass or even following along with the lector. You will feel more tuned-in to the liturgical cycles and you’ll start to appreciate the individual nature and importance of each Sunday Mass. Pick up your own Sunday Missal today. They have the readings for every liturgical cycle, the Mass parts, and usually a section of Catholic prayers. We carry a variety of options including the very affordable St. Joseph Sunday Missals. Find the style that fits your taste and budget.

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