Few thoughts can scare a person as much as the idea of judgment after death. The prospect of having every detail of your life revealed might make some wish they could skip judgment and go right to their final destination. And did you know that there will be two judgments after death?

The Church teaches that there will be both a particular judgment and a general judgment. The particular judgment makes sense. We can imagine standing in front God as our life is examined. But isn’t once enough? Why must we also be judged again in front of all of humanity?

The reason is actually fairly straight forward. Our sins do not just affect us as individuals, they can have an affect on our friends, children, families, and communities. Justice requires that our deeds (good and bad) be looked at in their totality. To learn more about the Catholic understanding of judgment Fr. Von Cochem’s book, The Last Four Things, or any of the titles in this section.


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