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Getting your children to pay attention at Mass can be a challenge. The missalettes in the pew aren’t going to hold their interest for long. What you really need is a Mass book for your child. Fortunately, there are a variety of missals for children available for different ages.

For little children there are colorful picture books like My Picture Missal.

Older children can get the First Mass Book or the St. Joseph Children’s Missal. both contain most of the text for Mass along with a treasury of prayers.

For First Communion be sure to pick out a First Communion Missal.

If you attend a Tridentine (Extraordinary Form) Mass then the St. Joseph Children’s Missal is for your older grade-school children. There is also the Marian Children’s Missal for younger children.

I almost forgot! We also sell subscriptions to Magnifikid! This missal comes every month in a pack for weekly use and has the readings and Mass text for the week along with related activities.


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