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The late Fr. Rawley Myers used to have a common message in all of his Sunday sermons. “Read the lives of the saints!”, he’d say. There are at least three good reasons to read the biographies of holy people. First, they teach us how to be Christ-like. Second, the saints show us how to live as Christians in the world. They are perfect examples of the virtues and the beatitudes. Third, they were real people who experienced the same challenges everyone faces… and they persevered.

Reaching a goal is always easier when you have someone or a group of people who set an example for you to follow. Reading the lives of the saints and other holy people will give you inspiration and also ideas of how best to live your own life.

Whether you are looking for a Life of Christ, the autobiography of your favorite saint, or want to learn about the spiritual journey of a great Catholic, you can find lived examples of how Christianity has changed the world.


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