The papacy has been the focus of attack for centuries. Just think back to the Bible – “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.” As the steward of Jesus Christ’s Church on Earth, the enemies of the Church know that destroying him is essential to destroying the Church.

The attacks are numerous:

The pope is the head of the Whore of Babylon.

The pope is the anti-Christ.

The pope is controlling all of the money in the world.

The Church says the pope can’t ever make a mistake. Only God can’t make mistakes!

The pope can’t be the head of the Church. Just look how evil some of them were!

So. Here we are. 2000 years later the Church still stands and the pope is still the pope. Even so, the papacy is a huge stumbling block for many who may consider joining the Catholic Church. To be a true Catholic apologist you have to be able to explain the truth about the papacy. Let Ronald Knox, a convert from Anglicanism, or another great author, show you how to defend the pope.


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