Catholic Bibles and Bible Studies

Catholic Bibles and Bible Studies

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    1 & 2 Samuel: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

    This volume in the popular Bible study series leads readers through a penetrating study of the Books of 1 & 2 Samuel using the biblical text itself and the Church's own guidelines for understanding the Bible. Ample notes accompany each page, providing fresh insights by renowned Bible teachers Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch, as well as time-tested interpretations from the Fathers of the Church. They provide rich historical, cultural, geographical or theological information pertinent to the Old Testament book - information that bridges the distance between the biblical world and our own.
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    1 Peter, Jude and 2 Peter: Sacra Pagina Bible Commentary

    Crisis in the church is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the church has always been—and probably always will be—involved in some kind of crisis. Even in the apostolic period, which is regarded by many as the church's golden age, there were serious crises coming both from the outside, as in 1 Peter, and from the inside, as in Jude and 2 Peter. The three short New Testament letters treated in 1 Peter, Jude and 2 Peter illustrate the problems early Christians faced, as well as the rhetorical techniques and theological concepts with which they combated those problems.
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    1, 2, and 3 John: Sacra Pagina Bible Commentary

    The Johannine Epistles are today read as an important part of the Johannine literature. Yet the meaning of the text is often unclear. Part of the problem arises because, although 1 John is called an Epistle, it lacks the formal marks of an Epistle. In 1, 2, and 3 John, John Painter illuminates the relationship 1, 2, and 3 John have to each other and to the Gospel. Painter explains the historical context of the Johannine Epistles using a socio-rhetorical approach. The writings are shown to reflect a situation of conflict and schism within the Johannine community; they seek to persuade the readers of the truth of the writer's message. In this truth, the readers are encouraged to abide if they would have the assurance of eternal life.
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    42 Bible Stories for Little Ones

    This durable bound book of Bible stories is perfect for young children and includes 42 Bible stories, from Creation to Pentecost. All the best Bible stories are here in this collection, brought to life by Graham Round's entertaining pictures. Here are the adventures of God's people, the Israelites, and the dramatic events of Jesus' life. Su Box tells the story of the Bible with color, emotion, and excitement, while remaining faithful to the original Biblical account. No child's bookshelf should be without this wonderful and engaging book.
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    A Catholic Child’s First Communion Bible

    This edition features a padded simulated leather cover, gold stamping, gold edges and First Communion certificate pages for either a boy or a girl.
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    A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

    In this exciting new volume, John Bergsma and Brant Pitre offer a readable, exciting, and in-depth introduction to every single book of the Old Testament. Unlike other introductions, this volume not only examines the language, literature, and culture of the Old Testament from a historical perspective. It also interprets the Old Testament from a theological perspective, drawing on the New Testament, the living Tradition, and the faith of the Catholic Church. Perhaps most unique of all, this introduction also places the Old Testament in its liturgical context, showing how each book is used in the Scripture Readings of the contemporary Lectionary. 
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    A Child’s Treasury of Bible Stories

    Introducing a new, full color edition of a children’s Bible that contains many of the Holy Bible's most important stories. Beautiful, vivid illustrations by award-winning artist André Van Gool on high quality enamel paper capture the attention of young readers. The clear, easy-to-read text provides a concise version of each story. Together, these features make A Child's Treasury of Bible Stories a fabulous first Bible stories book, perfect for children ages 6-12.
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    A Primer of Biblical Greek

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    Acts of the Apostles: Navarre Bible, Text and Commentaries

    The Navarre Bible, Acts of the Apostles, an edition of Sacred Scripture prepared by members of the Faculty of Theology of Navarre University, consists of the Revised Standard Version, and commentaries. The commentaries provide explanations of the doctrinal and practical meaning of the scriptural text, drawing on a rich variety of sources-Church documents, the exegesis of Fathers and Doctors, and the works of prominent spiritual writers, particularly the Venerable(now Saint) J. Escriva, who initiated the Navarre Bible project.
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    Acts: Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

    Editor Francis Martin collects patristic comment on the text of Acts in this volume of the ACCS. The Acts of the Apostles--or more in keeping with the author's intent, the Acts of the Ascended Lord--is part two of Luke's story of "all that Jesus began to do and teach." In it he recounts the expansion of the church as its witness spread from Jerusalem to all of Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.
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    Angel Stories From the Bible

    This beautifully illustrated book features five enchanting stories of Angels from the Bible. These inspiring stories will give your child confidence in the loving care and protection of God's powerful Angels.
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    Apocalypse of St. John: Catholic Apologetics Study Bible Vol. 2

    The Catholic Apologetics Study Bible, Volume II, The Apocalypse of St. John, is a one of a kind, detailed and comprehensive treatment of this most fascinating and intriguing book of the Bible. Its 550 pages contain many unique features, including: a detailed exegesis of every chapter and verse; an explanation of all the book’s symbols, numbers and characters; a clear and concise outline; charts and diagrams for easy comprehension; deep insights from the original Greek, Hebrew and Latin texts; meticulous citations from the Fathers, medievals, popes, councils, saints and catechism; correlations with Marian apparitions and current events; detailed expositions of Daniel and Zechariah’s prophecies; critiques of non-Catholic interpretations; practical advice for daily living, and much more. In short, the Apocalypse will come alive for you as never before. There is simply no study of the Apocalypse like this available on the market.

All Bibles are not the same. The Catholic Bible contains seven books of the Old Testament which are not found in Protestant Bibles. These books include:
• Judith
• Wisdom
• Tobit
• Sirach
• Baruch
• 1 and 2 Macabees
• Portions of Esther
• Portions of Daniel
These books are sometimes referred to as the “Apocrypha” by Protestants or the “Deuterocanonical” books meaning “also canonical” by Catholics.
Bible History
During the early centuries of the Church there was plenty of debate and discussion about which books actually were authentic and inspired Sacred Scripture. The early Church councils of Hippo (393) and of Carthage (397) both declared that the books currently contained in the Catholic Bible (the canon of Sacred Scripture) were the inspired Word of God and belonged in the Bible.
During the Reformation, Martin Luther and other Protestant leaders removed these books from the Bible. Luther even argued that the Letter of St. James and the Book of Revelation (The Apocalypse) should be removed from the Bible! The Council of Trent in 1546 reaffirmed what the councils of Hippo and Carthage had proclaimed over 1000 years earlier: that the texts found in the Catholic Bible are all the authentic Word of God and comprise the complete canon of Sacred Scripture.
Catholic Bible Translations
There are several different English translations available for the Catholic Bible. The primary ones include:
• Douay Rheims – This is the oldest English translation available and is frequently compared with the King James version because of its use of “Thee”, “Thou” and other older forms of words. This translation is considered highly accurate but can be more difficult to read for some people.
• Revised Standard (RSV) – This was a joint translation project between American Protestants and Catholics with the Catholic Church completing the translation of the Apocrypha. This translation is considered the most accurate modern translation but still contains “Thee” and “Thou” when referring to God. This translation along with the New American Bible was approved for liturgical use in the United States.
• Revised Standard 2nd Edition – This version is almost identical to the regular Revised Standard but updates the language by getting rid of “Thee” and “Thou”.
• New American Bible (NAB) – This version is the most common American translation. It was written for an eighth grade reading level and contains the most “modern” language of the primary Catholic translations. The New American Bible is available in more versions than any other Catholic Bible.
• New American Bible – Revised Edition (NABRE) – This edition was released in 2011. It combines the New Testament from the New American Bible with a completely revised Old Testament translation.
• Jerusalem Bible – The Jerusalem Bible, completed in 1966, is very similar to the Revised Standard Version 2nd edition in that it is a modern English language translation. It was produced under the direction of the Dominican scholars at the reknowned Ecole Biblique de Jerusalem.