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Catholic Military Medals
Excerpt: In these trying times, a wonderful and spiritual gift for a loved one serving the military is a Catholic military medal.

Gifts for Deacons
Excerpt: Are you looking for a special birthday or Christmas gift for a deacon in your family or an ordination or anniversary gift for the deacon at your parish? If you are looking for a special gift for a deacon in your life, something that will serve as a reminder to his fulfillment of God’s work, Aquinas and More has a variety of products to suit your needs.

HMH Regina Medals
Excerpt: From 1910 to 1962, HMH was the premier manufacturer of such elegant medals, truly stunning pendants that called to mind the beauty and reverence of the Catholic faith.

Jewelry Material Guide
Excerpt: When you buy jewelry you will frequently see that the jewelry is made from "sterling silver" or "14 karat gold" or some other term. Sometimes these terms aren't familiar so we have created this brief guide to help you make informed purchases when you are buying a piece of Catholic jewelry.

The Franciscan Tau Cross
Excerpt: The Tau Cross, also called the Cross of Tau, the Franciscan Tau Cross, the Cross of St. Francis, and the Cross of St. Anthony, is a simple cross, based on the Greek ?, which is pronounce taw. In Hebrew the letter is pronounced the same but written as x. It predates the cross of the crucifixion, and for this reason it is also called the Old Testament cross.

Displaying 1-5 of 5 items.
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