St. Gertrude of Nivelles

St. Gertrude of Nivelles Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 03/17

Patron Of: Against Fear of Mice and Rats, Against Fever, Against Insanity, Against Mental Illness, Against Suriphobia, Cats, Gardeners, Mentally Ill People, Pilgrims, Poor, Recently Dead People, Travelers, Widows


    * 17 March


    Younger daughter of Saint Pepin of Landen and Saint Ida of Nivelles; sister of Saint Begga of Ardenne. Devoted to her faith from an early age, she turned down a noble marriage to pursue the religious life. Following the death of Pepin in 639, and on the advice of Saint Amand of Maastricht, Ida built a double monastery at Nivelles where both she and her daughter retired. Gertrude became abbess about age 20.

    Known for her hospitality to pilgrims and the aid given to Irish missionary monks. Gertrude gave land to Saint Foillan, on which he built the monastery at Fosses, Belgium. She helped Saint Ultan in his evangelization. In 656, Gertrude resigned her office in favor of her niece, Saint Wilfetrudis of Nivelles, and spent the rest of her days studying Scripture and doing penance. Mystic and visionary. Died at the significant age of 33, the age of Our Lord at His death.

    The cultus of Saint Gertrude spread widely in the Low Countries, neighboring regions, and England, and folklore attached to her name. As late as 1822, offerings of gold and silver mice were left at her shrine in Cologne, Germany; mice represented souls in Purgatory, to whom she had a great devotion. Patron of gardeners because fine weather on her feast day meant it was time to begin spring planting. Her patronage of travelers comes from her hospitality to pilgrims. She is invoked as a patroness of those who had recently died, who were popularly supposed to experience a three-day journey to the next world; they spent the first night under the care of Gertrude, and the second under Michael the Archangel.

    There is a legend that one day she sent some of her subjects to a distant country, promising that no misfortune would befall them on the journey; when they were on the ocean, a large sea-monster threatened to capsize their ship, but disappeared upon the invocation of Saint Gertrude. In memory of this occurrence travelers during the Middle ages drank the so-called “Sinte Geerts Minne” or “Gertrudenminte” before setting out on their journey.


    * 626 at Landen, Belgium


    * 17 March 659 at Nivelles, Belgium of natural causes


    * Pre-Congregation


    * against fear of mice
    * against fear of rats
    * against fever
    * against insanity
    * against mental disorders
    * against mental illness
    * against mice
    * against rats
    * against suriphobia
    * cats
    * for accommodations
    * gardeners
    * mentally ill people
    * Nivelles, Belgium
    * pilgrims
    * poor people
    * recently dead people
    * sick people
    * suriphobics
    * to obtain lodging while travelling
    * travelers
    * widows


    * abbess with mice at her feet
    * abbess with mice running up her cloak
    * abbess with mice running up her pastoral staff
    * woman holding a distaff
    * woman holding a large mouse
    * woman spinning
    * woman with a cat nearby

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