St. Catherine of Bologna

St. Catherine of Bologna Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 03/09

Patron Of: Liberal Arts, Against Temptations, Artists, Painters

Also known as

    * Caterina dei Vigri


    * 9 March


    Daughter of a diplomat. Tradition says her father received a vision telling him of her birth. Maid of honour to the daughter of a marquis, receiving the same training and education as her mistress. Franciscan tertiary at age 14. Poor Clare nun. Novice mistress. Established a Poor Clare convent at Bologna, Italy in 1456, and served as its abbess. Miracle worker. Prophetess. Mystic. Visionary. Painter and manuscript illuminator. Received a Christmas Day vision of Jesus cradled in Mary‘s arms.


    * 8 September 1413 at Bologna, Italy as Caterina dei Vigri


    * 9 March 1463 at Bologna, Italy of natural causes
    * buried without a coffin or embalming
    * exhumed eighteen days later due to the miracles occurring near her grave, and the odor of perfume that came from it
    * body found incorrupt
    * currently resides in the cell in which she lived


    * 22 May 1712 by Pope Clement XI


    * against temptations
    * art
    * artists
    * Bologna Academy of Art
    * liberal arts
    * painters

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