St. Alexander Sauli

St. Alexander Sauli Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 10/11

Patron Of: Corsica, Cab Drivers

Also known as

    * Apostle of Corsica
    * Alessandro Sauli
    * Alexander Mary Sauli


    * 11 October


    Priest. Clerk Regular of the Congregation of Saint Paul (Barnabite). Taught philosophy and theology at the University of Pavia, Italy. Superior-General of the Barnabites in 1565. Bishop of Aleria, Corsica from 1571 to 1591; there the faith was all but dead, and the clergy and people were in a state of deplorable ignorance. With three companions, he reclaimed the inhabitants, corrected abuses, rebuilt churches, founded colleges and seminaries, and returned the Church in Corsica to health. Bishop of Pavia, Italy in 1591. Left a number of catechetical works. Spiritual director of Saint Charles Borromeo.


    * 1534 at Milan, Italy


    * 11 October 1592 at Pavia, Italy


    * 23 April 1741 by Pope Benedict XIV


    * 11 December 1904 by Pope Saint Pius X

Name Meaning

    * defending men


    * Corsica

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