St. Egwin of Worcester

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 12/30

Also known as


    30 December
    10 September (translation of his relics)
    11 January (translation of his relics)


    English nobility, and the descendant of Mercian kings. Benedictine monk. Bishop of Worcester, England from 692 to 711.

    There was a need in his diocese for some reform, but Egwin let it get out of hand, and he was charged with being too severe with his priests. To answer the charges, give everyone a chance to cool off, and show his repentance for any harm done, he made a penitial pilgrimage to Rome. Legend says that he locked his feet in shackles and threw the key into the River Avon; when he arrived in Rome the key was miraculously found in the belly of a fish he bought in the market.

    Founded the Benedictine monastery of Evesham, England; the site was chosen because of an apparition of the Virgin Mary to a local herdsman. It became one of the great Benedictine houses of the Middle Ages.


    7th century England


    30 December 717 of natural causes
    buried at the monastery at Evesham, England
    relics translated for veneration in 1039
    relics translated again in 1077 when they were taken on tour throughout the region which drew enought donations to rebuild the monastery church



All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


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