St. Julia Billiart

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 04/08

Patron Of: Impoverishment, Against Poverty, Bodily Ills, Sick People

Also known as
    Julia of Billiart
    Julie Billart
    Mary Rose Julia Billiart


    8 April


    Sixth of seven children of peasant farmers Jean-François Billiart and Marie-Louise-Antoinette Debraine. She was poorly educated, but knew her catechism by heart at age 7, and used to explain it to other children. At age 14 she took a private vow of chastity, and gave her life to serving and teaching the poor. At age 22, she was sitting next to her father when some one shot at him; the shock left her partially crippled for 22 years. During the French Revoluation, a group of her friends helped organize the work she'd started. Julia was miraculously healed of her paralysis on 1 June 1804, and resumed her work. Her organization became the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame (Institute of Notre Dame; Sisters of Notre Dame), dedicated to the Christian education of girls, formerly established in Amiens in, the first vows being made by Saint Julia and two others on 15 October 1804. The Congregation By the time of her death the Institute had 15 convents.


    12 July 1751 at Cuvilly, diocese of Beauvais, department of Oise, Picardy, France as Mary Rose Julia Billiart


    8 April 1816 at the Institute's motherhouse at Namur, Belgium of natural causes; died while praying


    13 May 1906 by Pope Pius X


    22 June 1969 by Pope Paul VI


    against poverty
    bodily ills
    sick people

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