St. Ives of Kermartin

St. Ives of Kermartin Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 05/19
Tridentine Calendar - 05/19

Patron Of: Advocates, Judges, Lawyers, Notaries

    Born to a wealthy Breton noble family. From age 14 he studied civil and canon lawyer, philosophy, and theology in Paris and Orleans. Franciscan tertiary. Lawyer who practised in both civil and ecclesiastical courts, often defending the poor without charge, and ministering to them in prison while they awaited trial. Practiced great personal ascetism, with frequest fasts, and wearing a hair shirt under his clothing. Fought the state over taxes and the rights of the Church. Incorruptible diocesan judge, refusing the bribes that were the order of the day, and working to settle claims out of court in order to save the litigants time and money. Ordained in 1284. Resigned his legal position in 1287 to tend to his parishioners at Tredez and Lovannec. Noted preacher and arbitor, he built a hospital from his own funds, tended the poor in it, and gave away the harvests from his land to feed them. Miracle worker, feeding hundreds from a single loaf of bread.

    17 October 1253 at Kermartin near Treguier, Brittany

    19 May 1303 at Louannec, Brittany of natural causes following a sermon on Ascension Eve

    June 1347 by Pope Clement VI

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