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Becoming involved with ministry within your parish is not a matter of merely filling a physical void in a particular role at church. The Mass is the cornerstone of our Faith, and as such, all aspects must be organized and composed with reverence, and all participants, from lectors to cantors to extraordinary ministers must be well prepared to fulfill their tasks in a reverent manner. Finding faithful, enthusiastic volunteers to fill needed roles is the first step; properly preparing them to carry out these roles is the next.

The Liturgical Ministry Series from Liturgy Training Publications is a valuable tool in helping to prepare and train people for roles such as lector or sacristan, among many other roles. Each book in this ministry training series is informative and readable, providing information on the reason and purpose for each role and how it is to be carried out in a respectful, reverent way. These books are great for training new ministers and also for revisiting topics and rejuvenating veterans in their roles.


  • History and Theology: The average parishioner may be so accustomed to the presence of lectors, cantors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and other persons in ministerial positions that they do not realize the purpose behind each role. Each title in this series explains the history and theology behind each role, so that the trainee learns not only how to perform his or her duty, but also why he or she is doing so.

  • Catechesis and Formation: Being that a person in one of these many ministerial roles has an actual process to learn and duty to fulfill, each title in the series contains information on skills to practice and cultivate and techniques to learn. It also goes beyond the task itself, with exercises for the individual to increase and enhance his or her own personal prayer and spiritual life in order to better fulfill his or role within the parish.

  • Questions for Reflection and Discussion: Throughout the book, reflection and discussion questions are provided. These questions help the person to move into a frame of mind where he or she is thinking actively and critically about the role for which he or she is preparing. This process of reflection helps the individual to prepare to delve fully and deeply into his or her role.

  • Glossary and Further Resources: In the back of each title, a glossary is included to explain important or commonly misunderstood terms related to the ministerial role the book discusses. It also includes a section of further resources, such as books, study Bibles, websites and more, to which the individual can turn for further information and preparation on his or her role.

Titles in The Liturgical Ministry Series

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Guide for Lectors

Guide for Ushers and Greeters

Guide for Sacristans

Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion



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