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T3 Teen Timeline Bible Study: The Leader's Guide.

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  • Are you looking for "something" to get the teens in your parish or school talking, listening, and asking questions about their faith?
  • Are you looking for a concise, entertaining, and impactful approach to teen Scripture study?
  • Do you have leaders in place with the desire to teach the Bible to young people but who lack the personal knowledge, system, or preparation time?



T3 is Your Answer!


The Teen Timeline—or T3—is a newly-released teenage version of the revolutionary Great Adventure Bible Timeline learning system that hundreds of thousands of Catholic adults have used to learn the Bible.  T3 makes the Bible come alive for Catholic teens by unpacking God's Word in a way they can relate to. T3 teaches teens the Bible by showing them the "big picture" of salvation history. When young students of the Bible first understand the "story," they are eager to learn more. The net result: Teens begin to wrap their minds and hearts around the Scriptures, perhaps for the first time. They come to see the Bible as something good and relevant—and then make it part of their lives.


T3 is Relevant!


T3 is intentional in its layout and systematic in its communication of the Scriptures. Its unique approach—coupled with an engaging DVD video presentation and interactive workbook materials—insures that your teens' experience of the Bible will be anything but ordinary.

Recorded live before a studio audience of Catholic teens and young adults, the T3 DVDs are packed with relevant insights for young believers who are immersed in a culture of relativism and desperately in need of God's truth.



T3 can be used in any Catholic high school, youth group, or religious education setting, and is taught using our DVD presentation by Mark Hart. T3 can be used as a "stand alone" program or in conjunction with your current Bible study curriculum. It can be taught in a single-day seminar or stretched out over four, eight, or sixteen lessons.


T3 is designed to give your adult volunteers and leaders a solid starting point with the teens in your parish, a common ground of language and knowledge. Whether your leaders are seasoned scholars of the Bible or just good-hearted Bible "rookies," T3 will give them the foundation they need to walk with your teens on the Great Adventure of the Bible.



  • A DVD series (or CD series) containing eight half-hour lessons.
  • A color-coded memory system that makes Bible study more "manageable."
  • Video lessons "chaptered" by story for broader implementation in ongoing Bible Study.
  • A Student Workbook filled with backgrounds, outlines, suggestions, and tips for continuing personal study.
  • A Leader's Guide with additional "talking points," lesson overviews, and valuable insights into contemporary biblical catechesis with teens.
  • A fill-in-the-blank student chart that interactively gives your teens the "big picture" of salvation.
  • An introductory platform to
  • The Great Adventure BibleStudy system, utilizing the same time periods and approach as your young people move into adulthood.





  • Give your teens a solid foundation for years of future Bible study.
  • Free up adult leaders' programming and preparation schedule, enabling them to spend more time ministering to teens.
  • Change the way you view contemporary Catholic Bible study.
  • Make the job of catechists and youth ministers easier with systematic instruction materials.
  • Reach teens with the truth of God's Word in an engaging presentation.
  • Make Bible instruction easy with DVDs specifically designed for teens.
  • Create multiple "entry points" for ongoing discussions with your young people.
  • Give instructors valuable insights in effective communication of the Gospel to a postmodern generation of Catholics.
  • Offer you the flexibility to implement the T3 materials in any teen catechetical setting: parochial school, religious ed, youth ministry, or in the home.
  • Paint portraits of the some of the great heroes/ heroines of the Bible in a fresh modern context.
  • Give your teens the tools to read any book of the Bible with greater confidence and background knowledge.
  • Provide a framework and introduction for further Bible Study resources and instruction.


T3: The Teen Timeline doesn't just save the time of teachers, catechists, parents, and youth ministers; it saves their sanity. T3 unpacks God's Word for Catholic teens in a way that works, changing their misconceptions that the Bide is "irrelevant, outdated, and boring."

Based on the color-codec Great Adventure Bible Timeline



From a broad perspective, T3: The Teen Timeline breaks the Bible into twelve memorable lessons, using a color-coded system of time periods that are brought to life through stories.


Setting the stage for the entire T3 program, Lesson #1 begins by addressing some of the "problems" teens encounter when trying to read and study the Bible and shows teens that Scripture is anything but outdated. Teens will learn why Bible study is not only important but essential for Catholics who want to grow in their faith.


Beginning "in the beginning," Lesson #2 discusses what happened in the Garden of Eden and, more to the point, what difference it makes for today's teen. Moving through the common questions about creation, evolution, and Adam and Eve, this Lesson teaches teens how to read the first few chapters of Genesis and shows them why understanding the beginning of the story is so essential to understanding their own role in it.


In Lesson #3, we climb the family tree, taking a look at the historical narrative in Genesis, beginning with Abraham. We find out who "begat" whom and what this means to teenagers living thousands of years later. This lesson also focuses on specific characters and how each of them, lived out the invitation to surrender to God and trust Him completely.


This lesson gives a fresh perspective on classic figures
like Moses, obscure characters like Rahab, misunderstood personalities like Samson, and little known people like Ruth. Your students will take a deeper look at the seemingly "tough love" of God, the hardness of the hearts of His children, and the merciful opportunity God gives us to start over after we fall.


In Lesson #5, your teens will learn what happens when God gives us what we want rather than what we need. They will be taken through the highs and lows of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, learning the lesson the children of God should have learned along the way: that there is a God and that "we are not Him." Particular attention is paid to the themes of power, popularity, and pain as we examine the lives of the kings of Israel and Judah.


The sixth lesson of T3 takes the teens through the little known periods of the Exile Ito Babylon), the return to Israel, the rise of the Greek Empire, and the Maccabean Revolt. What might seem like a "boring" piece of history is anything but, as your teens will discover some of the most exciting figures and situations in the entire Bible!


This lesson offers teens everything they have been waiting for (even if they don't yet know its—a chance to encounter Jesus Christ in a personal way. Here we walk through the story of Christ, learning about Mary, St. Joseph, and others that Jesus touched. Teens are taught to look through an entirely new lens, one that shows them in a profound way just how much God really loves them. Far from being "the same old story," this lesson draws life from the Bible texts and gives fresh breath to a Gospel that some teens may have long ago written off.


This final lesson begins with Jesus' resurrection and walks teens through a brief history of the early Church. Focusing on the lives of the apostles and St. Paul, teens will learn how the story of salvation history is still being lived out in their own lives and how they can "enter into" the story themselves. They'll see that they are not merely an "extra" in a movie but are playing a central role. Also, teens will learn the importance of making prayer a regular part of their lives.




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